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Slowing down the speEDS

For the next six months we want to focus on a friend of our Agency, Stacy Barnett-Stein, as she fights arare connective tissue disorder.

Stacy Barnett-Stein


Ehlers Danlos Syndrome has caused her organ failure, muscle weakness and random bone breaks. Stacy has numerous doctor’s visits every week and has been hospitalized several times.  With her husband Jeremy recently starting a new job that requires him to travel, Stacy is faced with more complications on how she can best take care of her health while also taking care of their two children. We are hoping to help pay down some of the doctor’s bills and help with the travel necessary to see many specialists around the Country.  On behalf of theStein family, thank you for all your thoughts, donations and prayers.

“Our Agency will donate $20, on your behalf, to Stacy and her family for every recommendation that you send us and we quote.

Getting involved has never been so simple, or Free!

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