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Guiding At Risk Youth Towards A Brighter Future

10-year old Dwight is a curious, friendly and very active little boy, who enjoys playing football and tennis, dancing in school programs, eating at his favorite restaurant, Lutfi’s and going to fun places like Sky Zone. Despite his great energy, Dwight has an “I don’t care” attitude in school, affecting his academic performance. Dwight was raised in a single-parent home, which statistics show make kids more likely to grow up at risk.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City


Only 25% of school-aged youth in the Kansas City metropolitan area grow up in a one-parent household. Yet, these youth account for 90% of the area’s high school dropouts, 90% juvenile court cases and 60% of teen suicides. Big Brother and Big Sister of Kansas City has recognized these statistics and found a solution that has helped 20,000 at-risk youth. 9-year old Marissa is a sweet and sensitive little girl. She is very helpful around the house with her siblings and loves any outdoor activity, while still maintaining straight A’s and B’s. BBBS of KC creates life-changing friendships for children facing adversity such as Marissa. By matching children with positive adult role models, these children are better able to reach their full potential.


BBBS of Kansas City is building brighter future for kids like Dwight and Marissa, by providing them with the one thing they are lacking at home, guidance. Join us as we support this organization and raise funds to find Little Brother Dwight and Little Sister Marissa a great friendship, so they too can reach their full potential.

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